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spilltheirguts's Journal

Spill Their Guts. Make Them Bleed it Out.
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The writing journal of RohanFox.
“It's because we're so trapped in our culture, in the being of being human on this planet with the brains we have, and the same two arms and legs everybody has. We're so trapped that any way we could imagine to escape would be just another part of the trap. Anything we want, we're trained to want.”

The writing journal of an angsty, teenage horror writer. Whether it be fanfiction, poetry or a short story, it'll go here. I would adore it if you would comment on anything here; if you watched the comm, my life would be complete. Mainly I'll be writing Lost or Yu-Gi-Oh! fanfiction, but obviously my fandoms change every now and again. ♥
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